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Mr. Marc Helps End the School Year in Mega Mode!

Now through the month of June, Mr. Marc is awarding classrooms around the nation with Virtual Visits! 


Visits kicked off this week, starting with Mr. Burke's class at CB Watson Primary school in Georgia.  They were able to film the live visit with Mr. Marc and her students and stream it through their whole school via their morning announcement system! This allowed a total of 224 students to be able to participate and join in on the fun, making this an Adventure to Fitness Virtual Visit World Record! Check out some snapshots below:

Ms. Burke is a long-time user of Adventure to Fitness and loves that our program simply, "Gets kids moving!"  

Mr. Marc will be continuing Virtual Visits with classrooms around the nation through the end of June, congratulating kids and teachers for staying active and healthy all year long with him on Adventures and encouraging them to continue an active lifestyle throughout the summer to help prevent the "Summer Slide."

He asks students to promise him 3 things:

1. Continue to eat healthy - lots of fruits and vegetables everyday!

2. Do some kind of fun physical activity outdoors (if possible) everyday throughout the summer!

3. Continue to go on Adventures with him next year when they return to school!

As the school year comes to a close, Mr. Marc wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank and encourage these teachers for their continued support of the Adventure to Fitness program and directly interact with his biggest fans - something no other program can offer! 

Click HERE to view Press Release.

Watch Virtual Visits in Action HERE!

Keep It Moving!