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5 Things You Didn't Know About Adventure to Fitness

Through various surveys, social media and user feedback, we’ve found that many of our users request the addition of features that actually already exist in our program. That said, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things you may not have known about the Adventure to Fitness resource:


1. FREE ACCESS: We still provide free access to all of our teachers! Although we introduced a paid program back in 2014, we still maintained a portion of our website for free for all of our teachers – both old and new.  All you have to do to get FREE access is to create an account using your school-issued email address and then log in.  Free access is automatically granted at sign in.  And if you created your account on our website several years ago, it’s still valid! If your account was created before 2014, you were automatically granted “grandfathered” FREE access, which means you have access to even more free content to take advantage of than our newer users.  So be sure to log into your account and take full advantage of all of our free videos and resources!  If you are a teacher and don’t see any videos upon log in, just send us a quick email or chat us and we’ll get it sorted out ASAP.


2. VARIETY: Did you know that Adventure to Fitness has more videos than just 30-minute Adventures? That’s right! We have Mini Episodes (6-10 mins); Adventure Blasts (4-5 mins); Energizers (2-3 mins) and Morning Announcements (3-7 mins). And COMING SOON: Adventure Training Videos and more! And if you don’t have time or space to get everyone up and moving on a virtual adventure, there are hundreds of print-out activities that can help continue the adventures anytime at home or at school. All is available right on our website!


3. HOMESCHOOL/PRIVATE SCHOOL ACCESS: Adventure to Fitness has ALWAYS been available to all types of schools, not just public or charter schools.  If you don’t see your school listed, all you have to do is contact us and we’ll get it added to our database and get you set up.


4. DISCOUNTS & INCENTIVES:  For those who want more access than what is offered for free, we do have individual monthly, yearly and school-wide subscriptions that provide full access to all of our content and resources.  We also understand that for teacher that have no budget and have to pay out-of-pocket for resources for their classroom, costs add up quick.  That said, we have a variety of discounts available right on our website.  For example, just by simply “Liking” or “Following” us on social media, sharing emails, etc…you can earn up to 20% off your purchase!  Click here to find out more on the simple easy ways to save:

We also have information on available grants, funding ideas and even our brand new fundraiser partnership with Bloom, which can get you Adventure to Fitness for your school for free!


5.REWARDS: Whether it be through high usage or a social media campaign or contest, Mr. Marc loves rewarding classrooms and schools with interactive Virtual Visits! Regardless of whether you use just the free version or have a subscription, Virtual Visits are a unique and unprecedented way to reward your kids for Keeping It Moving and for your commitment to the health and wellness of your students.  By virtually visiting with classrooms around the country, Mr. Marc gets to meet and speak directly with his biggest fans and Fit Nation family! As your students' favorite Adventure Guide, Mr. Marc challenges students to continue to eat healthy and get plenty of exercise with each Virtual Visit through Q&A session, sharing favorite healthy foods and favorite adventures, and even brainstorming ides for new adventures!


We hope this has been somewhat insightful in regards to the many facets Adventure to Fitness has to offer.  If you have any questions or need help with your account or navigating our website, please contact  As always, Keep It Moving!