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Increasing Classroom Productivity (with Less Effort) in 2017


On any regular day at school, there are numerous tasks that consume every teacher’s time: Preparing lessons, grading papers, prepping other supplemental instructional materials, posting grades and new assignments, and the list goes on and on. 

And let’s not forget – students are busy too! Taking notes, studying, practicing assignments, recovering from absent days, and of course absorbing all the content being taught daily (we hope!).

There’s no question that over the last several years there has been a paradigm shift towards the inclusion of increased technology in the classroom. Teachers aren’t just wheeling in the old AV cart and playing movies for fun days anymore. Most elementary students won't even know what an AV cart is. Instead, classrooms are becoming more and more connected – equipped with smartboards, projectors, forums, apps, software, and everything else in-between that brings the digital age into the classroom whether we like it or not.

The good news is, everyday teachers find that they can create additional learning opportunities for ALL students with technology.  Moreover, technology is a tool that can actually improve productivity and efficiency for both teachers AND students. For example, Adventure to Fitness (a SVOD resource), is an online program that streams right onto any internet-enable device and aids in daily curriculum requirements for K-5 teachers.  While our program is fun, entertaining, engaging AND educational for kids as they exercise, teachers can also rest easy knowing that it’s helping kids learn and absorb information through the exercise which enhances student performance! While students are participating in the Adventures, this also provides time for teachers to begin preparing for the next subject, grade papers and tests, organize, etc…A win-win for everyone!

We'd like to know: How do you incorpate technology into your classroom? Do you give multimedia presentation when giving lessons? Do you view online educational content? Do you use an online grading system or share information electronically with parents? Are you students equipped with laptops or tablets while in the classroom? Share in the comments below!

Happy New Year and remember to always Keep It Moving!