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Where is Mr. Lazy? Contest



Have you heard? Mr. Lazy has gone MISSING! HQ has launched a global search, but we still haven’t found him!

We need YOUR HELP! Put your class' investigative reporting skills to work! Submit a picture (or video) with your class' best creative guess as to where Mr. Lazy could be! Your participation enters your ENTIRE SCHOOL to win a Year Subscription AND Virtual Visit from Mr. Marc!

Here's How to Enter:

  • Submit a photo/video with best #WhereIsLazy guess integrating Mr. Lazy cut-out via link below
    • Be creative! Think outside the box! Get other classrooms involved!
    • Photo can incorporate students, objects or locations throughout your campus
    • Be sure to print out attached "#Where is Lazy" cutout 
  • Amplify entry by also posting on FacebookTwitter or Instagram with hashtag #WhereIsLazy
  • 5 Grand Prize winners will be selected to receive a Virtual Visit with Mr. Marc & a 12-month SCHOOL SUBSCRIPTION!
  • Contest runs from Feb 27th-March 17th
  • Use existing episodes to eliminate where Mr. Lazy has already been
  • Mr. Lazy will be in a BRAND NEW location
  • Stay Alert for additional clues on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Print Out Mr. Lazy Poster
Upload Video
Good luck! We'll see you on April 3rd with a BRAND NEW MINI EPISODE! Until then, Keep It Moving!!

-The Adventure to Fitness Team