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Fun, easy and cheap things to do with your children on summer break

Guest Blog Post by Rebecca Greenway

I know that sometimes keeping the kids entertained is hard when they aren't in school. It may be because the weather is rubbish or because you don’t quite have enough money to take them to a different place each day. I certainly don’t anyway! I’ve thought of 

these easy ways to keep the kids entertained and they’re pretty cheap too so won’t break the bank. If you have any ideas or tips of keeping them entertained then comment below! I love hearing new ideas.

1. A nature walk, made fun! A walk on its own can make the kids bored. I know for a fact Rosie hates it. So spice it up! Here are some ideas on what you could do on your walk: Take some paper and some crayons, make tree markings and trace leaves. Put some wellies on and find as many puddles as you can! Go on a big hunt and see what little insects you can find, or you could even just make a little picnic and sit and have some dinner.

2. Crafts. This one may cost a little bit but I have the items already so you may as well. We love crafts in our house and always loves making a mess. Put down large sheets of paper all over the floor (I would tape them so they don’t move) get some paints and let the kids sit and paint all over the paper. I usually let Rosie do it in just some underwear because she will just get it all over her clothes but because the papers all over the floor- the only mess is the kids and the paint brushes.

3. A movie day! If your children are anything like my Rosie-Belle then they could watch a film over and over and over again without getting bored. What we do is get some snacks, built a little comfy space for us to sit (both duvets for extra warmth, teddies and the lights off) and chuck on a favourite movie. (Ours is currently Trolls)

4. A library trip. If your little ones like new books, it’s always worth while going to check out books and read with them. It won’t feel much like a chore to them to read because you’re making a fun day of it!

5. Going to the park! Simple and easy, take a ball, scooter and a little picnic and a day out is sorted! (If the weather permits that is.)

6. Soft play areas.  Around where I live, the soft play is very cheap to enter and you can play all day. I’m unsure if it’s the same for others but it’s worth looking online for a closesr one and checking it out. 

7. Building a pillow fort! Easy and fun, plus you can get some snacks and play inside for ages. Always so much fun.

8. Cooking! You can cook with your children, a cake, cookies or even dinner! Let them get messy, let them touch and feel all the different textures!

It’s so simple and easy to have a good day and slash the price of mega parks. 

Do you have any easy and cheap fun things to do in the half term or breaks? Comment below!

Thanks for reading! 



About the author: Rebecca Greenway lives in the UK and is the owner of, a site full of tips, tricks, and everyday life for both parents and children.. She is 18 years old and has two beautiful little girls: Rosie-Belle who is 4 years old and Miyah who is 4 months old. She suffers from anxiety and finds it hard to go out in public. She loves spending time with her girls and constantly searches for things to do in the house that will keep the girls occupied.