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Mr. Marc's Adventure Through Time Collection

Today we’re taking a wild ride! We’ll be traveling around the globe, as usual, but we’ll also be traveling through time! Join me as I travel back to the Colonial Era to stop Mr. Lazé from altering history and dash through a pre-historic landscape filled with Dinosaurs and exotic creatures. Finally, we’ll return to our own time, where Mr. Lazé is still making mischief in an all new and super sweet episode: Maple Mayhem!·ISBN 978-1-943921-01-0·UPC 780742219334

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What's Inside

  • Full-length video of the "Colonial Chaos" Adventure
  • Full-length video of the "Dino Disaster" Adventure
  • Full-length video of the brand new "Maple Mayhem" Adventure
  • "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" Theme Song Sing-Along
  • Exclusive medical commentary from some of the nation’s top doctors
  • Exclusive educational commentary from some of the nation’s top teachers
  • Access to downloadable goodies: Parent Guide, Supplemental Activities, and the "Time Traveling Adventure All-Star" Badge!

My son came back from School raving about it-- begging me to see Mr. Marc! It's awesome fun and learning too. Rock on!!

– Holley Shocky, Mom –

My six year old says: 'We love Adventure to Fitness because it's a fun program where there are adventures and explorations and also there are lots of activities to keep me busy!

– Angela Rosebrough, Mom –