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Serengeti Stampede

In this episode of Adventure to Fitness we travel to the wild continent of Africa and to the vast Serengeti, where the world’s largest migratory herd has suddenly veered off course! Your mission is to help Mr. Marc steer millions of hooves back on track before these lost animals cause any trouble!·ISBN 978-1-943921-07-2·UPC 780742219341

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What's Inside

  • Full-length video of "Serengeti Stampede" Adventure
  • "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" Theme Song Sing-Along
  • Exclusive medical commentary from some of the nation’s top doctors
  • Exclusive educational commentary from some of the nation’s top teachers
  • Access to downloadable goodies: Parent Guide, Supplemental Activities, and the "Serengeti Stampede Adventure All-Star" Badge!

My son came back from School raving about it-- begging me to see Mr. Marc! It's awesome fun and learning too. Rock on!!

– Holley Shocky, Mom –

My six year old says: 'We love Adventure to Fitness because it's a fun program where there are adventures and explorations and also there are lots of activities to keep me busy!

– Angela Rosebrough, Mom –