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Serengeti Stampede Coloring Adventure Book + DVD + Sticker Set

EACH SET INCLUDES: One 30-minute Adventure Video DVD: The classic “healthy screentime" videos that take kids through exciting, fact-filled adventures while exercising.   One Coloring Adventure Book: The “healthy away-from-screentime” storybook that corresponds to the Adventure Video story plot. Kids can color the coloring pages and practice reading the accompanying story text on each page. “Activity Breaks” are sprinkled throughout the pages to inspire kids to get up on their feet and do some quick exercises while on their reading adventure. Paperback, 8.5"x11", 48pp.   Character Sticker Pack: 24 stickers featuring popular Adventure to Fitness characters. Great for birthday parties and as “healthy” rewards for positive behavior.    Our Serengeti Stampede adventure set is great as a holiday gift to help kiddos Keep It Moving while working on their reading skills and fine motor skills! 

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What's Inside

  • Serengeti Stampede Coloring Book
  • Paperback, 8.5"x11"
  • Full-length video of "Serengeti Stampede" Adventure
  • 5 stickers of each Adventure to Fitness Character (2"x2")

My son came back from School raving about it-- begging me to see Mr. Marc! It's awesome fun and learning too. Rock on!!

– Holley Shocky, Mom –

My six year old says: 'We love Adventure to Fitness because it's a fun program where there are adventures and explorations and also there are lots of activities to keep me busy!

– Angela Rosebrough, Mom –