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  • Overview

    Adventure to Fitness has taken America by storm, rapidly becoming the nation's #1 educational fitness program for kids. Find o...
  • Tasty like candy, but way healthier!
    Tasty like candy, but way healthier!

  • Serengeti Stampede
    Serengeti Stampede

    In this episode of Adventure to Fitness we travel to the wild continent of Africa and to the vast Serengeti, where the world’s...

  • Icelandic Meltdown
    Icelandic Meltdown

    Welcome Adventurers! Mr. M...

  • Arctic Freeze
    Arctic Freeze

    Welcome, adventurers! Today on Adventure to Fitness, Mr. Marc travels to the frozen Arctic Circle to stop an evil plan by Monsieur L...

  • Colonial Chaos
    Colonial Chaos

    Welcome adventurers! Today we travel back in time to Colonial America, where famous moments in the early history of the United State...

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Mr. Marc is a legend on my campus. Always brings a smile to my face to see all those little bodies moving and laughing. Just what my little kiddos need.

- Ms. Brancheau - Teacher

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