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Adventure to Fitness water bottle + pedometer + drawstring backpack Combo

Save the most by purchasing our water bottle, pedometer, and drawstring backpack altogether! Get a 32 oz Sports Bottle to help kiddos stay hydrated while adventuring! BPA free plastic. White with orange cap and blue/orange logo design. Kids & adults can track their steps with our pedometer! Easy-to-use, with a beltclip and batteries included. Tracks up to 99,999 steps in one go! Blue with orange Adventure to Fitness logo. 1.75" width by 1.25" height. Non-woven polypropylene bag in bright yellow with blue Adventure to Fitness logo design is strong, yet lightweight! Drawstring closure provides easy access to school supplies and athletic gear. Features reinforced triangle corners with metal grommets for extra durability. 14" width by 17" height.

US $12.49
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What's Inside

  • 1 - 32 oz. sport water bottle
  • 1 pedometer - belt-clip & batteries included
  • 1 lightweight drawstring polypropylene bag

My son came back from School raving about it-- begging me to see Mr. Marc! It's awesome fun and learning too. Rock on!!

– Holley Shocky, Mom –

My six year old says: 'We love Adventure to Fitness because it's a fun program where there are adventures and explorations and also there are lots of activities to keep me busy!

– Angela Rosebrough, Mom –